Laundry projecting

As with kitchens, some criteria are critical to the operation of a laundry room. We are here to make sure everything works flawlessly.

Some of the most important things to do are:

* Safety - As the most important item, this is why this is the primary point in one laundry project.

* Capacity planning - based on information about your facility, its accommodation or other capacities, your planned jobs, we design the capacities of the appliances needed to operate your laundry without braking.
* Spatial planning - involves positioning the appliance inside the building to make a better use of the space and gain ergonomics in operation.

* Water inlet and outlet - the design and installation of water inlet and outlet as well as the ventilation system must be carefully designed to meet the safety and smooth operation of the appliance.

* Equipment and related content. This point dictates the installation, as well as the materials of professional equipment inside the laundry, as well as its maintenance and cleaning. The equipment covered by this section includes items such as: washing machines, tumble dryers, flatwork and drying ironiners, ironing tables, finishing, etc.

* Storage. This point describes the storage areas that need to be provided for clean and dirty laundry, as well as the appropriate chemistry for treating the fabric.

We are trying to get a operational area as much as it could be done without any braking factor and to make it ergonomic for workers and flawless work.


Calculate the capacity of the required appliances based on your needs and type of facility

Formation of the financial part of the project based on the obtained calculations from step 1

Designing technology with equipment connection locations

Equipment installation and staff training.