Consulting in the field of food facility management

We are here to provide a complete solution for you, starting from an IDEA to REALIZATION.
Our goal is to achieve a work environment with maximum efficiency, safety and to reduce waste of manpower, time, energy and materials.
Our food management consulting services offer the best in nutrition planning and strategic advice - including preparing tender documents, evaluating products and helping you select a bidder - ensuring your customers get the best service while getting you the best value.
We provide you with fresh and objective thinking, a sense of perspective, cutting-edge ideas and a structured approach designed to deliver the best results.
The main function of planning a service strategy is to compete with contractors for the provision of food processing or processing services. We assist you by writing the specifications, monitoring the tender, suggesting the appointment of biders and monitoring the contract concluded to ensure compliance with the standards.
Our food management tips include:
* Consumer care
* Financial modeling and forecasting
* Revision of hygiene, HACCP and food safety
* Menu planning
* Menu and recipes development
* Operator monitoring and evaluation
* Operating Expenses - We help audit and control costs
* Instructions for use
* Operating procedures and systems
* Operational reports and service level contracts
* Project management and administration
* Operator search - open market rental or competitive tender