Starting with the project, we incorporate the client's wishes and our knowledge in order to get the best functionality in the work, as well as comply with all standards and legal regulations by which modern facilities are kept in order for everything to function smoothly.

We design kitchens so that we first create an environment that will contribute to the safe and efficient production of uncontaminated food.

As with kitchens, some criteria are crucial to the operation of a laundry room. We are here to make sure everything works flawlessly.


When it comes to the equipment we offer, we certainly choose the quality, performance and durability of it. That's why we offer our partners equipment from manufacturers that are at the very top of the global market and which meet all of the above mentioned criteria.

We work with suppliers that are recognized worldwide for their quality and constant improvement of technology to make everything easier for your staff everyday functioning.


EVOTECH offers you outstanding, affordable technical support for all equipment in professional kitchens and laundry rooms. We achieve this by taking a proactive approach to maintaining equipment unique to our industry and setting exceptional standards of quality and safety.

With our reactive and regular maintenance options, you can ensure that your facility always works most efficiently, saving you money and time.

About us

We are guided by the attitude to provide our client with the best, highest quality and most functional solutions in field of foodservice facilities and operations/management systems.

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If you find that we can somehow help you to create something unique, just write or call us and we will answer you in shortest possible time.

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